Community and Conference Center

Published by ADMIN on 15 January 2018

Having successfully pioneered various sustainable projects such as the Etazkiyyah Centres for Learning, Ibn Masud Centre of Excellence, Radio Al Ansaar, the Al Ansaar Souk and so forth, the Al Ansaar Foundation has literally outgrown its existing premises. To cope with the growth of existing projects and to cater for the ongoing development of new projects, the establishment of a Community and Cultural Centre has become an integral part of the Al Ansaar Foundation’s future strategy.

This project was initiated in 2005 and is the biggest of its kind in South Africa. Covering approximately 7730 m2 over three storeys, the Al Ansaar Cultural & Community Centre will provide the following services and facilities to the community:

-Conference Centre
-Corporate Board Room
-Lecture Rooms
-Gym & Wellness Centre
-Book & Media Centre
-Al Ummah Publications
-Radio Al Ansaar
-Internet Cafe
-Coffee Shop
-Social Services Rooms

The objective is to create a self-sustaining facility which caters for all the needs of the Muslim community and to create a “hub” of knowledge and learning. This centre will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Gym & Wellness centre will host a modern day spa and ladies only gymnasium. Apart from generating funds through its memberships, the wellness centre will cater to the many Muslim females that require these facilities in an Islamic environment.

The Al Ansaar Cultural & Community Centre aims to sustain itself integrating all the different projects to work as one body, the sole purpose being to service the community in excellence.

Thus far, as the Al Ansaar Community and Cultural Centre is still an ongoing project, an appeal is made to the community to assist to achieve completion.


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