Enable The Disabled

Published by ADMIN on 15 January 2018

A few years ago at one of the Al Ansaar Foundation’s outreach projects, a woman was wheeled-in on a wheelbarrow to collect food on the day of Eid. This had touched the heart of Mr Abdul Razak Moosa, CEO of the Willowton Group, and pained him so much, that he immediately gave his daughter’s wheelchair to the sick woman.

This incident along with other requests from the community sparked the creation of the “Able the Disabled” campaign where the organisation successfully distributes approximately 200 wheelchairs per annum at no cost to the frail. This makes the “Able the Disabled” programme truly one of its kind in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

In addition to the wheelchair distribution, the Al Ansaar Foundation further assists with walkers, commodes, hearing aids, sugar and pressure testing machines to name a few. Requests can also be made for children which has to be custom made. Required requests for aids can be made possible through on-air appeals on the Yadul Ansaar show every Friday from 10-11 am with Ayesha Jamaal, exclusive to Radio Al Ansaar.

In conjunction with the Foot Focus Group, Jamaatun Nisa, the World Memon Organisation and many anonymous donors this project has enabled the Al Ansaaar Foundation to provide the much needed service to the disabled community of both the Islamic and Non-Islamic faiths.

The Al Ansaar Foundation looks forward to providing the required aid to the public through generous donations and sponsorships as well as through appeals on radio

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