Etazkiyyah Centers For Learning

Published by ADMIN on 29 January 2016

The Etazkiyyah Centres for Learning was one of the leading projects undertaken by the Al Ansaar Foundation in 1994 and was established at 222 Kennilworth Road, Overport, Durban. Ultimately these centres were formed for the underprivileged learners that could not afford private Islamic schools and Islamic tuition.

The Etazkiyyah Centres for Learning comprises of three Madrassahs:

Clayton Road Primary School Madrassah
Mariam Bee Sultan Madrassah
Overport SRS Primary School Madrassah
Classes are offered from grade 1 to grade 8 and the Madrassahs are supervised by the Islamic Educational Organisation of Southern Africa (IEOSA) and is coordinated by the Al Ansaar Foundation.

The Etazkiyyah Centres for Learning is the keystone of nurturing a religion with Islamic identities and instilling the roots of the Islamic faith into learners.

A sports day, exciting excursions, a Jalsa (graduation) and an awards day are yearly events held on behalf of the Etazkiyyah Centres for Learning. These events have drawn families and the community at large to become involved with the Madrassahs.

In addition, speeches, debates and inter-Madrassha quiz competitions have been part of the curriculum to serve as opportunities for growth by interacting with learners from other Madrassahs. Consequently, the learners’ progress has thus far superseded all expectations.

As in any academic environment, the educators of the Etazkiyyah Centres for Learning are faced with the task of coping with learners that come from different home environments, upbringing and levels of Islamisation.


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