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Orphanage Home Makeover


The aim of this campaign is to improve the quality of life of Orphans, by providing them with at least the essentials of a liveable and loving home and Inshallah (God Willing) give them a chance to have a brighter future.

Disclaimer: Al Ansaar Foundation will be the facilitator between the Orphanage and Doners for any upgrades/enhancements, however the Orphanage will accept all responsibility to ensure that all upgrades/funds will be utilised solely for the benefit of the orphans and absolves the Al Ansaar Foundation and/or Donors from any liability due to upgrades/enhancements.

Orphanage Identification Strategy:

  • Identify a legitimate orphanage within 30km from Durban in order to be able to do random, announced and unannounced site visits periodically
  • The orphanage must be registered as a non-profit organisation
  • The orphanage must be deserving of the appropriate and applicable upgrades in terms of structure, facilities, equipment etc
  • The persons responsible for running and operating the orphanage must have credible references.
  • The Children living at the orphanage will be interviewed independently about their living conditions and treatment at the orphanage

Orphanage Identification:

The following Orphanage has been selected by the Al Ansaar Foundation following a site visit by Shiraz Moolla and Yaseen Khan, as well as confirmation from social workers that have been to the home and had dealings with the liaison, Hafez Iqbal.

To the best of our knowledge, the stated orphanage has met the above mentioned Strategic Requirements (and Allah Knows Best)

Located, in Welbedecht, outskirts of Chatsworth, Durban, KZN


Currently occupied by approximately 35 persons with ages ranging from 1year 7months to 23years old

The home takes in children that have allegedly been abused by family members or come from broken homes

Aside from the occupants of the orphanage, the Home also opens its doors to the community in terms of feeding schemes etc

Current Infrastructure/ layout

The premises currently has 3 x brick/block structures.

S1 – Current housing structure of orphans

S2 – Incomplete structure

S3 – Trustees Home

S4 – Proposed construction of Madrassah/Musallah Area/Nursery

Herein after Referred to S1, S2, S3, S4

Renovations are required on S1 and S2 as they will house the children.

S1- The aim for S1 is to convert this to housing the males and add a play/seating/entertainment section


Approx. 35 persons -Mix of male and female (currently all living in S1)

Bathroom: There is only 1 bathroom and toilet for the occupants

The plan would be to partition off the bathroom from the toilet area to allow privacy and at the same time another person can utilise the facility.

Currently the shower and toilet do not function, as well as the basin leaks.

1 small (approx. 100L) solar geyser from S3 is being utilised for 35 occupants. New solar geysers required

Bunk beds have been donated previously, however still not adequate for the number of children

There are no cupboards or shelving


S2 – Aim for S2 – Housing for Females and Kitchen area (approx. size 7m X 3m)

  • Clear out the unwanted items/Obsolete interior diving Walls
  • Plaster & Paint
  • Add a bathroom (shower, toilet, basin)
  • Ceilings
  • Flooring
  • Kitchen area
  • Install windows
  • Cupboards and shelving
  • Extend current structure by 2m to accommodate a Kitchen/Cooking Area

Yard/External Areas

The aim for the yard is to grade / clear all unnecessary items. There are potentially harmful items that are not conducive for children.

The Driveway becomes muddy with rain and ideally should be concreted.


(S4) – Based on Funding

The Wooden Wendy house at the back of the yard should be demolished/relocated, and a new structure should be constructed (S4). This S4 Structure can be utilised as a Madrassa/Prayer room/Nursery School

Future Plan

Play Garden: A grass patch at the front of S1 can be converted to a small play garden with Swings and benches

A plot of land behind the current land/ S4, belonging to the municipality can be purchased. This land will be used to expand the orphanage if required but more so will be utilised for Self Sustaining planting of Crop that could generate revenue for the orphanage.

Requirements from Donors / Sponsors

  • Structural upgrades (land and buildings) – 1 Contractor will be responsible for all upgrades thus accountable. Exact costing to be confirmed, however this will be capped at a maximum of R150,000
  • Appliances: Fridge/Freezer, Kettle, Iron, Toaster, Microwave Oven, Washing Machine. (New 4plate stove and oven already generously sponsored)
  • Stationery – Writing/coloring books/crayons/pens/exam pads etc.
  • Diapers –  2 year old girl and a 1year7month boy require diapers
  • Clothing – The orphans do not have much in terms of clothing and shoes. Donations of these items should be of a respectable/ wearable nature. Ages range from 1.5 years to 22 years
  • Toys/Play items: sponsorship of toys will play a fundamental role in the development of a child
  • Contributions toward monthly expenditure

Average Current Expenditure

Electricity 800
Water 700
Maintenance 500
Groceries 1500
Vegetables 600
Meat 2000
Lunch  for school children 1000
Toiletries 700
Consumables 500
Petrol/fuel 1500 (sponsored  Bakkie)
Sub Total 9800
Fund Raiser/teacher 5000 Usage of public transport to travel to various locations to seek funding


Summary: God Willing with your assistance we would like to commence with S2 immediately. Once S2 is completed the upgrades on S1 and construction of S4 can commence. In this manner by the end of June /Ramadaan 2017 housing for both males and females will be comfortable with required bathroom and cooking amenities.

Appeals will be made to community members to come forward with the donations of funding, clothing, food items, hampers, toys, diapers and other mentioned items/upgrades.

If ongoing/monthly contributions would like to be made, items could be delivered at Al Ansaar Foundation 207 West Road. Items/deliveries must be clearly stated as KGN ORPHANGE

May the Lord All Mighty open our hearts to the plight of the impoverished. May we be the vessels of bringing dignity to those that are helpless. May we be blessed in this world and the hereafter as the Lord is all Merciful and all knowing.

Please contact Shiraz Moolla on 0749182472/0312081601/ marketing@alansaar.co.za as to how you could assist further with this selfless initiative.